Confronting Racism: How can schools make a difference?

By Sophie Pallister Racism profoundly impacts the lives of students in the educational system, affecting their mental wellbeing as well as their academic performance. Racial discrimination in schools can range from name calling or bullying to full blown planned racial attacks on specific students. As a community, it should be an absolute priority to confront […]

Captured in Poetry

By Layla Baboli One may read a poem because it sounds beautiful and poetic but one may not understand its reason, but words and phrases must have caught their attention if they chose to read a poem in particular. GCSE students, of course, analyse poems that have been written because they were told to do […]

The Northern lights in the UK

By Sze Wing Ng When the Northern Lights appeared in the UK on May 11th, it came as a surprise to much of the country. They continued to light up the skies across Europe throughout the month of May, reaching as far as Italy and Croatia.   Many people may question why we can see the […]

Unmasking London’s Crime Waves

By Natalie Moghadari  London, our beautiful city, known for its bustling life, is pervaded by a dark flaw hidden in its shadow: Crime.   Crime is unavoidable in any major city; ranging from minor trivial thieveries to serious violent offences, it always seems to be there, regardless of how “safe” a place might be.   Recent […]

Year 9 Drama Showcase 2024: A Celebration of Talent and Creativity

By Sumi Nakarmi  The Year 9 showcase took place on April 25th, 2024, in the school hall, which was a captivating experience for all. It showcased various talents and skills in the dramatic arts that the Year 9 students could express. The showcase is an annual event run by the drama department and is always […]