Anti-Social Media: a Trend Or a Movement? 

By Gabriella Davies In this day and age, we are fixed to our phones, and yes we are all guilty of this. Within the last five years we have witnessed the rise of TikTok and BeReal and as of the 5th January 2024, Tik Tok has over 1 billion active users, Instagram has 1.4 billion […]

GCSE Spanish trip to Malaga

By Lara Ward and Lily Young On Wednesday 13th December, students studying Spanish GCSE went on a residential visit to the Spanish city of Malaga. Accompanied by Mr. Alejandro, Ms. Gandi and Ms. Hales, we left St. Augustine’s Priory at 05:15 and arrived at Gatwick at 7:00. We travelled to Malaga airport, arriving at 13:30 […]

The Silent Struggle: Body Dysmorphic Disorder and the Harms of Body Shaming

By Layla Baboli In a world increasingly obsessed with appearances, the quiet struggles faced by individuals dealing with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and the impact of body shaming are frequently disregarded. Body dysmorphic disorder, characterised by the thoughts and behaviours related to recognising flaws in physical appearance, affects individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The […]

Post Office Scandal Provokes Public Outcry

By Olivia Henry At the turn of the 21st century, the Post Office committed what is regarded by many as ‘the greatest miscarriage of justice in British history’ when it accused its employees of stealing money from various branches and forced them to pay this money back, despite knowing they were innocent. As a result […]

The Carol Service

By Giorgia Carraretto The annual Carol service, in which the whole school community gathered together to sing carols in Ealing Abbey, took place on the evening of Tuesday 5th of December. The Carol Service started with a candle-lit procession, followed by the Chamber Choir and Orchestra’s carols. This year, the Carol Service also included the […]

The Veritas Times Goes Social!

By Milly Saber Yes, you’ve read that right! The Veritas Times now has an Instagram account, where we’ll keep you up-to-date with the most recent articles! This way, you’ll get to know what articles are on the website, due to the daily reminders of what has been uploaded (which you can find on our Instagram […]

‘El Loco’ Javier Milei becomes Argentina’s New President

By Gina Virdee The world watched intently as Javier Milei, Argentina’s new far-right President, was elected into power on 20 November 2023, having won a majority over his left-wing opponent, Sergio Massa, by 56%. Branded as “El Loco” (meaning “the crazy” in Spanish) by both supporters and critics, videos of Milei have circulated across social […]

Nostalgia: a Short Film

By Caitlin Gallagher Rattan Despite Year Eleven’s chaotic demands and frenzy of exams and expectations, students Iris Campbell and Evie Ward were able to create an incredible thought provoking and profound short-film, delving deep into the theme of ‘Nostalgia’. A chance to reminisce on our bygone days, satisfy our craves for the past, and emotional […]

Suella Braverman kicked out whilst David Cameron makes a surprise return

By Sophie Robinson On Monday 13th 2023, Suella Braverman, a perhaps controversial figure within the Conservative Party was sacked as Home Secretary, and replaced by James Cleverly (who was previously the Foreign Minister). David Cameron, who has been out of office for 7 years, made a return to the cabinet, taking on James Cleverly’s role […]

UK Supreme Court Ruling: Setback On Rwanda Policy

By Rachel Hiney Conservative Party plans of enforcing the Rwanda migration scheme have been halted by the Supreme Court due to its ‘unlawful’ nature, coinciding with the decision from the Court of Appeal made in April 2023.  Ever since Rishi Sunak announced his 5 promises on the 4th of January 2023, policies to enforce stricter […]