Is the Advancement of AI Happening at too Great a Pace?

By Lucia McQuillan-Puccetti Unsplash – Robot Kid reading his book In the last few years, AI (Artificial Intelligence), has been rapidly progressing and developing. Nowadays, AI is everywhere – from helping people with online shopping, to map navigation and even autocorrections. AI forms the backbone of communication, energy, health care, transport and the infrastructure of […]

Pickpocketing in Central London

By Natalie Hartley Pickpocketing is the act of stealing from another person’s pockets. Those who pickpocket have almost perfected the art of it, being able to steal mobiles from zipped pockets without notice. They also know to cause a distraction by making a ruckus or bumping into someone. According to the BBC in 2021, theft […]

Eurovision 2023: Sweden Takes the Crown, Finland a Close Second

By Sophie Robinson The 67th Eurovision song contest took place on Saturday 13th May in Liverpool, UK, on behalf of Ukraine. The Kalush Orchestra won the contest in 2022, but they were unable to host the contest due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Therefore, the UK – which came runner up – hosted on […]

Teenagers Sentenced to Minimum 21 and 24 Years for Murdering Schoolboy

By Milly Saber An innocent 16 year old boy from Southall was murdered in November 2021 by two 18 year olds, both of whom mistakenly thought this boy was part of a rival gang. On 6th March 2023, Vanushan Balakrishnan and Ilyas Suleiman were found guilty for the murder of 16 year old Rishmeet Singh, […]

Ealing Hospital Volunteer Has Seen Third Coronation at 101 Years Old

By Milly Saber At 101 years old, Beryl Carr, a volunteer at Ealing hospital, saw three Royal Coronations in her lifetime: King George VI in 1937, Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and King Charles III last weekend. Carr volunteers at the League of Friends Cafe at Ealing Hospital, and has done some celebrating of her […]

‘War of the Worlds’ Immersive Experience

Why should you go to experience the ‘War of the Worlds’ immersive experience in Piccadilly circus? By Eve Ward This ‘War of the Worlds’ experience is special for an abundance of different reasons, including the incredible actors who really make it surreal for the participant(s), the amazing set, which was realistic to what the book […]