The British Public’s Obsession with Royalty

By Antonia Carter  Recently, there has been widespread commotion regarding the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton and her disappearance from the public eye in addition to King Charles’ announcement of a treatment for an enlarged prostate which revealed an undisclosed form of cancer. After announcing an abdominal surgery on 17th January 2024 in a post […]

XL bullies : Gentle Giants or Dangerous Dogs?

By Shanay Nijjar  Discussion over the dangers that the American XL bully dogs pose to society is a topic that has received an increased amount of attention in the past year. Not only is this a topic amongst dog owners and charity organisations, but a serious concern regarding both the police and the government.   XL […]

MET Gala Criticised Amidst International Conflicts

By Olivia Henry Every year on the first Monday of May, celebrities, designers and the most powerful individuals in the fashion industry convene at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to raise funds for the MET Costume Institute when the notorious MET Gala is hosted.  Described by fashion journalist Andre Leon Tally as “The Super Bowl […]

The Evolution of Journalism in the Past Decade

By Layla Baboli In the past decade, journalism has encountered a remarkable transformation, brought about by advancements in technology. From the rise of social media to the challenges posed by fake news, the methods of news reporting have evolved considerably, reshaping the way information is gathered and consumed. One of the most significant shifts in […]