U16 Hockey Team Crowned London Champions

By Simar Anand and Mahi Patel On Monday 18th March 2024, the Tier 4 Hockey Finals took place between Kingsdale School and St. Augustine’s Priory, with our U16 team winning gold. This was a really eventful match between the two schools, with Kingsdale travelling all the way from Croydon to play. The U16 team, consisting […]

Strange World: Exploring Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

By Layla Baboli In the realm of curious medical mysteries, there exists a condition that seems to blur the lines between reality and fantasy known as “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome” (AIWS). For years, scientists have been puzzled by this fascinating brain phenomenon. Let’s dive into the curious rabbit hole of AIWS and unravel its mysteries. […]

10 Things to do When You’re Bored

By Giorgia Carraretto In this day and age, our attention is constantly being demanded, but we cannot forget what is most important: what is happening right now. Therefore, it is necessary to get off our phones, which preoccupy so much of our attention. In fact, research shows that many people use social media as much […]

A Guide to the Month of Ramadan

By Rayan Warsama & Yara Aburaya Ramadan is a meaningful and holy time of the year for Muslims all around the world. It is not only a month that Muslims enjoy with family and friends, but also a time to appreciate and strengthen one’s relationship with God, and show gratitude for all blessings that have […]

Rediscovering Romance: Exploring Old Disney Love and its Evolution

By Layla Baboli In the magical realm of Disney, love has always been a main theme, captivating audiences for generations. From classic tales of princesses finding their prince charming, to modern stories of love transcending boundaries, Disney films have continually evolved in their depiction of romance. Let’s take a journey through the enchanted past of […]