MET Gala Criticised Amidst International Conflicts

By Olivia Henry Every year on the first Monday of May, celebrities, designers and the most powerful individuals in the fashion industry convene at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to raise funds for the MET Costume Institute when the notorious MET Gala is hosted.  Described by fashion journalist Andre Leon Tally as “The Super Bowl […]

Is Citizen Journalism more Effective than Traditional Journalism?

By Lily Young In today’s society, devices and technology play a major role, not just in our lives at home (according to Federica Laricchia Statista, in 2020, the average person in Britain had access to nine or more connected devices), but in our lives at work as well. Now, it is almost impossible to find […]

Clampdown on Hair Styles in Schools Raises Concerns About Diversity

By Esinam Asima Last year, The Guardian published an article stating that some schools in the United Kingdom still do not allow kids to wear their natural hair to school, resulting in students being sent home for wearing natural afro styles, braids, cornrows, and plaits. The topic sparked debate in homes and schools around the […]

Year Ten Drama Exam

By Caitlin Gallagher – Rattan On the 22nd of February, Year Ten pupils finished devising their drama exam, a performance we had been working towards since the start of the academic year. The process involved picking a stimulus the exam board provided and composing our own performance based on that inspiration. We had to create […]

Celebrating the Rise of Irish Literature and Art

By Iris Campbell Ireland’s history runs deep within its culture, reflected in its art: moving stories of war and the troubles overrun its industry. Recently, Irish film and literature has travelled past its own gates and into the mainstream. This year, Irish actors, film-makers and all those behind the scenes have received a total of […]

‘Sister Act’ at Woking Theatre

By Eve Ward Last week on the 27th of February, I went to see the production of ‘Sister Act’ performed in the New Victoria Theatre in Woking. As you know, Sister Act is the performance that the school is currently working on, so for me, it was interesting to discover what was similar and what […]