Year 9 Drama Showcase 2024: A Celebration of Talent and Creativity

By Sumi Nakarmi 

The Year 9 showcase took place on April 25th, 2024, in the school hall, which was a captivating experience for all. It showcased various talents and skills in the dramatic arts that the Year 9 students could express. The showcase is an annual event run by the drama department and is always highly anticipated by students and parents alike. This year was one of a kind, with scenes from various plays being performed, ranging from Witches by Roald Dahl to the classic gangster story of Bugsy Malone. 

The year 9 showcase was incredible; humour, musicality and drama were all integrated. The comedic performances provided a perfect balance to the more serious acts, making the evening an enjoyable experience for the audience and the students involved. Throughout the show, the laughter and smiles in the audience proved that the comedic acts were a success. 

Behind the scenes 

The hard work that the students put in behind the showcase was incredible. Not only the students but the teachers also contributed significantly to make the showcase a success. Ms. Mcnulty, Ms. Gayle and Ms. Brown sourced the costumes, operated the lighting and got the technician ready. In addition, they helped the actors perform to the best of their ability, enabling the audience to enjoy each performance.  Not only them, but also the teachers that supervised on the night of the showcase were of immense help in getting the students ready for the showcase by giving encouraging words of advice at the beginning of each Act. 

The Performances 

This showcase was one of a kind, consisting of an amalgamation of short extracts from a variety of different plays, musicals and films. 

The first extract was from the 2018 comedy “Wild Child” in which audience saw a wealthy American girl becoming accustomed to her new English Boarding School. This was a highly humorous play with lots of sarcasm used. The use of accents was amazing in the play as well. 

The penultimate play was “Zero Hour” written by Ray Bradbury and adapted by Anthony Ellis, originally performed in 1955. Indeed, this scene was full of suspense; tension grew in the audience as they watched in anticipation as to what was coming next. 

The final performance was a scene from the musical ‘Greece’ which, thanks to Year 9 student Holly Bird, was able to go ahead as she stepped in to play a part in the absence of another student. This performance included beautiful singing at the end, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all audience members. 

The Year 9 Showcase was not just an evening of entertainment; it was a reflection of the hard work, teamwork and growth of each student involved. The Year 9 students worked endlessly to make the evening as enjoyable as possible. 

To watch the full performance, click on this link below:

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