COP 28: Do Climate Conferences Truly Limit Global Warming?

By Salma Kamar In the ongoing battle against climate change, the Conference of the Parties (COP) has emerged as a pivotal platform for nations to collectively address environmental concerns and negotiate solutions. However, the question that looms large is whether these conferences are genuinely effective in curbing the ominous threat of global warming. COP, a […]

Mount Vesuvius and Its Next Eruption

By Yara Aburaya Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano located above the bay of Naples in Southern Italy. Some consider the volcano to be a super volcano because of its massive size: 4,203 feet (1,281 metres). It is because of its massive size that people are afraid of it.  How do we know if it […]

Ealing to be the first UK urban setting to reintroduce beavers

By Lucia McQuillan-Puccetti Ealing will be the first urban-setting to introduce beavers in the UK, as part of a rewilding project. In the 16th century, beavers were hunted all across Britain for their meat, fur and glands; only last year were beavers acknowledged as native wildlife and given legal protection in England. Thanks to the […]

Tropical Cyclone Freddy causes havoc in Malawi

By Shibani Clington Fernando On the evening of 22nd of February 2023, it was suspected that the tropical Cyclone Freddy would hit the coast of Mozambique with potentially ferocious winds and heavy rainfall that was expected to reach the maximum of 200mm of rain over twenty four hours. The citizens were warned that there could […]

Seaweed as an alternative to plastic?

By Saanvi Sansanwal Food wrappers made out of conventional plastic are the cause of 50 % of the garbage floating in our oceans but we all know how difficult they are to recycle. In regards to this issue, a company, called Zerocircle, has invented a new way to replace plastic with seaweed and this company […]

New Hope for Marine Biodiversity

By Lucia McQuillan – Puccetti After having discussed this issue for 20 years, in New York on the 4th of March, the first treaty to preserve the world’s oceans and marine biodiversity beyond national borders – known as the high seas – was founded by the UN (United Nations). The high seas take up almost […]

‘Love Island’ to promote sustainable fashion in latest series

By Milly Saber ‘Love Island’, which had previously been linked to the online clothes retailers ‘Missguided’ and ‘I Saw It First’, shed its fast fashion stigma in 2022, with the help of a partnership with eBay. The series has millions of views in the U.K., and provides brands with unmatched exposure during its primetime slot. […]