Year 10 see ‘An Inspector Calls’ at Richmond Theatre

By Milly Saber On Wednesday 26th April, students from Year 10 were fortunate enough to go on a school trip to Richmond Theatre, to see ‘An Inspector Calls’. There were many other schools there, and the atmosphere was buzzing. The story of the play, set in 1912, followed the Birling family, with each member being […]

The London Air Ambulance is Up Against Time: Help Now

By Sophie Robinson The London Air Ambulance service is a charity which mainly runs on people’s donations. Before the 29th of April, I was unaware of the situation this charity was in – they currently have two helicopters to service London, with a population estimated at 9,648,000. However, the two helicopters they have are very […]

Ealing to be the first UK urban setting to reintroduce beavers

By Lucia McQuillan-Puccetti Ealing will be the first urban-setting to introduce beavers in the UK, as part of a rewilding project. In the 16th century, beavers were hunted all across Britain for their meat, fur and glands; only last year were beavers acknowledged as native wildlife and given legal protection in England. Thanks to the […]

Tropical Cyclone Freddy causes havoc in Malawi

By Shibani Clington Fernando On the evening of 22nd of February 2023, it was suspected that the tropical Cyclone Freddy would hit the coast of Mozambique with potentially ferocious winds and heavy rainfall that was expected to reach the maximum of 200mm of rain over twenty four hours. The citizens were warned that there could […]

Nobel prize-winning author Kenzaburo Oe dies at the age of 88

By Shibani Clington Fernando Kenzaburo Oe’s writing career was strongly influenced by French and American literature.  He was born in a small village in Japan called Shikoku. His family were wealthy landowners who lost all their land in the land reform foisted from the Second World War. The war ended when he was 10. This […]