Priory 6 Spot Hancock and Interview Huq in Parliament 

By Gina Virdee On the 17th January 2024, A-Level Politics, History and Sociology students, Miss Balani and Mr Murphy visited Parliament for a tour and a workshop, to witness the everyday procedures that take place at the centre of British democracy and politics. We first visited Westminster Hall, where former monarchs, such as Queen Elizabeth […]

‘El Loco’ Javier Milei becomes Argentina’s New President

By Gina Virdee The world watched intently as Javier Milei, Argentina’s new far-right President, was elected into power on 20 November 2023, having won a majority over his left-wing opponent, Sergio Massa, by 56%. Branded as “El Loco” (meaning “the crazy” in Spanish) by both supporters and critics, videos of Milei have circulated across social […]

Suella Braverman kicked out whilst David Cameron makes a surprise return

By Sophie Robinson On Monday 13th 2023, Suella Braverman, a perhaps controversial figure within the Conservative Party was sacked as Home Secretary, and replaced by James Cleverly (who was previously the Foreign Minister). David Cameron, who has been out of office for 7 years, made a return to the cabinet, taking on James Cleverly’s role […]

UK Supreme Court Ruling: Setback On Rwanda Policy

By Rachel Hiney Conservative Party plans of enforcing the Rwanda migration scheme have been halted by the Supreme Court due to its ‘unlawful’ nature, coinciding with the decision from the Court of Appeal made in April 2023.  Ever since Rishi Sunak announced his 5 promises on the 4th of January 2023, policies to enforce stricter […]

Sunak’s Conservative Party Comments Cause Debate on Gender Identity

By Sofia Diaz Lasting over an hour long, Rishi Sunak addressed the nation, highlighting key topics from the halt of HS2 leg to Manchester, to a gradual ban on smoking to boon the NHS and even the aim for abandonment of A- and T- levels. Despite these debatable proposals, a subject that caused widespread discourse […]

Sturgeon steps down after eight years of leadership

By Sophie Robinson Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, has announced her intent to resign after eight years and just under four months of leadership. She was the first female leader of Scotland, as well as the longest serving first minister. In her speech, she said that she would resign after a new leader […]

Peruvian people protest against Boluarte’s leadership

By Olivia Henry The country of Peru has fallen into a state of political and social anarchy since its president Pedro Castillo was removed from office. He was detained on charges of rebellion after a failed coup attempt in which he announced he would dissolve congress and install a “government of exception” in its place. […]

The UK government blocks Scotland’s gender law reform

By Natalie Hartley The UK government has made the decision to block Scotland’s gender law reform. This becomes the first time a Section 35 order has been used, that is the order that allows Westminster to stop something the Scottish Parliament has voted to become law. The reform would have make it simpler for residents […]

NHS strikes halt national healthcare services

By Olivia Henry In 2022, workers spent more days on strikes than at any time since the 1980’s. Moving into the new year, unions have shown no sign of putting an end to these strikes in determination to secure a deal with the government concerning pay rises. Strikes have been taking place heavily in the […]