An Exciting Opportunity For All Cartoon Enthusiasts!

By Arlo Lo

Calling all aspiring cartoonists in the senior school!

From political humour to fantasy short stories, if you want to showcase your talents, here’s your chance.

Please send in a cartoon or comic of your choice by the 23rd of October, and we will begin posting them up in the newspaper after that date.

Tips and tricks:

I look forward to receiving your work!

There are many different ways to create cartoons and comics. Personally, for my cartoons for the newspaper, I like to do digital drawings to create quick, snappy images which (hopefully) make people laugh. These are often individual panels, but can be very short comics too. However, I would usually draw longer comics on paper first, as I find it easier to map and plan out the pages that way. 

If you are drawing on paper, I would really recommend that you take the time to plan carefully where the panels will be placed, and what exactly you will draw. Of course, there are many different ways to draw comics, and it does not have to be extremely accurate. When the drawing has been finished, please scan it, instead of taking a photograph, as this will usually make it clearer, especially if you are using writing. 

Please keep it at no longer than two pages if you are doing a comic. 

Most importantly, have fun and let your creativity run wild! 

Sending in your work:

Please send your work as an image/jpeg file to this email address, with your name, and the name of your cartoon/comic: 

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