The LAMDA Showcase

By Eve Ward

On Wednesday the 28th of June a LAMDA showcase took place in Saint Augustine’s Priory Hall. This event showcased the LAMDA talents and skills of years ranging from Year One all the way up to Year 10, and it was a marvellous experience. The audience was able to see a range of different types of LAMDA including acting, verse and prose, musical theatre and lastly public speaking.

The first act was performed by Year 10, and it was an acting number. The people involved in this were Zara Jehangir, Sophie Robinson, Sienna St Paul, Eve Ward, Mahika Sohdi, Lara Clark, Regine Tan and Rhian Lask. The piece – a section from the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream‘ – was from the perspective of Titania and focused around the problems of climate change, which opened the audience’s eyes up to how long it really has been an issue. The piece was told in a moving and emotional way with stellar vocal projection from all participants. The bronze medal of this piece was awarded to Sienna, with silver going to Regine Tan and gold going to Rhian!

Another enjoyable act was performed by Year Nine, acting. It was a humorous piece called ‘Reserved’, and was about an annoying and vain character who sat at a ‘reserved’ table. The girls acting did a marvellous job of bringing humour to the piece as they repeatedly asked her to leave. The bronze medal for this piece was given to Sophia Wazir, the silver was given to Ilona, and the gold medal was given to Lara Ward.

The final 2 acts which were commendable were the speaking in public acts performed by two Year 10 students, Molly O’Driscoll and Emily Price. Each of the students recited a speech which they themselves had written for their grade 7 exams. The first girl to perform was Emily Price, who spoke about gun violence in America and her thoughts and feelings on the issue. The way in which Emily delivered the speech was highly convincing and thought provoking regarding feelings around the issue, and how, if we wanted we should stop it. Molly spoke next, and her speech was about cloning and was about a sheep called ‘Dolly’ which had previously been cloned in the 1990’s. Her speech was delivered in an excellent manner as she spoke her lines clearly and delivered them in a convincing way. This speech was so good, that Molly achieved 100/100 in her Grade 7 exam.

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