10 Things to do When You’re Bored

By Giorgia Carraretto

In this day and age, our attention is constantly being demanded, but we cannot forget what is most important: what is happening right now. Therefore, it is necessary to get off our phones, which preoccupy so much of our attention. In fact, research shows that many people use social media as much as two hours a day.

I conducted a survey, and here are the results.

It is important to embrace mundane days, but not to let boredom ruin your day. Here are some ideas for activities you can complete to occupy your spare time.

Be still, make time to do nothing.

It is a skill to just be completely still and let your mind and thoughts wonder. Boredom and stillness can lead to creativity. In fact, most creative people and people are the ones who make time to do nothing instead of focusing on tasks at hand. However, humans have a tendency to associate stillness with inactivity and inactivity with failure. In a study completed by the University of Virginia, around 700 people were asked to sit quietly in a room for fifteen minutes, with a shock button by their side that they could press if they ever wanted to leave. The results showed that 67% of men and 25% of women chose to shock themselves rather than sit quietly with their thoughts.

Decluttering, cleaning your space.

Cleaning and decluttering your living space can relieve you from boredom, and can have a positive effect on your lifestyle. It is shown to relieve stress, improve your mood, increase productivity and energy. Vicky Silverthorn believs that, “clutter is like one giant to-do list of stuff constantly surrounding you.” Most people find decluttering cathartic.

Being creative: doing arts and crafts, pre-planning outfits or redecorating your room.

Creativity is as innate to humans as walking and eating is, and is naturally prioritised by many. Creativity is an unseen constant, and can be expressed through the clothes you choose to wear, how you decide to arrange your room or even through the sentences you choose to say. Ultimately, creativity is an extension, expression and impression of yourself, which should be embraced during your free time in particular.


Journaling is an easy way to bring about calmness and serenity during mundane days. A Harvard study shows that writing your thoughts down can help you cope with stress and can restore your energy.

Exercising and going for long walks.

Exercising and taking part in sports is also a way in which many people choose to spend their time when bored. Whether you are working towards a specific goal or just trying to become connected to your body, exercise is rewarding as it boosts your energy levels and benefits both your physical and mental health. Alternatively, going for long walks is a good way to clear your head and allow time for reflection. Walking somewhere solitary with no distractions can be a great option to practise being in a mindful state and prevent you from getting stuck in a state of perpetual boredom.


Meditation is a form of self-care, and can be seen as an anecdote to dissatisfaction. During meditation, we become conscious of sensations experienced throughout the day, which helps to quell anxiety, promote sleep and reduce stress.

Call someone you haven’t spoken to lately.

Checking in with relatives or friends is a small gesture that can brighten up the day of the other person which can reestablish or strengthen the connection between you both.

Socialise with your family and friends.

Face to face interactions with those closest to you is a necessity and an easy way to occupy your free time. Socialising not only deflects loneliness, but also sharpens memory and cognitive skills and increases happiness and wellness.

Baking and cooking.

Trying new recipes can be an excellent way to spend your time. Baking can also create feelings of comfort that improve your mental health. Additionally, you can choose to decorate your baked goods with interesting designs to satisfy your creativity.

Trying new activities and experimenting with new hobbies.

Trying new things and taking up new hobbies can allow you to gain more skills and meet lots of new people. When you learn a new skill, your mental health and overall well-being is improved. The same can be said when you read a new book or go to a new place.

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