Sunak’s Conservative Party Comments Cause Debate on Gender Identity

By Sofia Diaz Lasting over an hour long, Rishi Sunak addressed the nation, highlighting key topics from the halt of HS2 leg to Manchester, to a gradual ban on smoking to boon the NHS and even the aim for abandonment of A- and T- levels. Despite these debatable proposals, a subject that caused widespread discourse […]

Autumn Activities for Half Term

By Lara Clark As the October half term is coming soon, most students will soon either find themselves with a lot of free time which is useful to unwind from the pressures of school, normally during this free time Students start to find themselves bored and lying in bed aimlessly for hours on end and […]

Report: Asian Games 2023

By Simar Anand The Asian games is a continental multi-sport event. Much like the Olympic games, it takes place every four years and involves players from nations from all across Asia. It gathers athletes from 45 countries every time and has more than 450 events. It has become the oldest and most esteemed event on the […]

Preview: Fright Night Returns to St Augustine’s 

By Olivia Henry As the end of the first half term draws closer, the school’s social calendar continues to burst with life. From Cultural Dress up day to Priory Pyrotechnics, there is plenty to look forward to in the final two weeks of half term but there is one event that is undisputedly a highlight […]

Highlights of the Tate Modern

By Iris Campbell Being in London, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the appreciation of art: and whilst there are many galleries, many would argue that the Tate Modern prevails. The year 11 art students travelled to the Tate last week in order to explore their permanent exhibits, in all areas of fine […]

Daniel Khalife Pleads Not Guilty

By Isabella Rattan As any inmate who has gained national attention after escaping a high security prison can testify, it’s relatively absurd to plead not-guilty to a mad dash from the cells. But not for Daniel Khalife. The 22-year old, who escaped from HMS Wandsworth prison on the 6th of September, and has subsequently been […]

Review: ‘Macbeth’ at the Globe

By Evie Ward In September 2023, I watched a production of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ at the Globe Theatre. In this article I will be letting you know my opinions of the production and where I feel they could have been improved.  The play Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare in 1606, is a classic tragedy known all […]

Stress: Our Enemy and Ally

By Regine Tan What is stress? According to the World Health Organization, stress can be defined as being in a state of worry or mental tension caused by certain situations. Being stressed is a completely natural human response which every human being experiences to an extent. However, every person’s degree of stress is different due […]

Sporting Scandal Causes Social Upheaval in Spain

By Olivia Henry On the 20th of August 2023, history was made as the Spanish Women’s National football team won the Women’s World Cup for the first time, beating England by a goal to nil at Stadium Australia in Sydney.  However, smiles fell to frowns and victory disintegrated into rage during the post-match awards ceremony […]

An Exciting Opportunity For All Cartoon Enthusiasts!

By Arlo Lo Calling all aspiring cartoonists in the senior school! From political humour to fantasy short stories, if you want to showcase your talents, here’s your chance. Please send in a cartoon or comic of your choice by the 23rd of October, and we will begin posting them up in the newspaper after that […]