English Students Welcome John Saddler for Creative Writing Workshops

By Anaya Garr The English department offered students in Years 10 and 11 a wonderful opportunity when they invited John Saddler into school to discuss creative writing, aiding us in the development of our own writing and in finding out about he world of publishing. John has worked for some of the leading publishing houses […]

Dissolving Dialects

By Esinam Asima Have you ever thought that right now, you could be the last person speaking your language? Well this is true for some! Dead languages are classified as extinct since there is no native speaker of the language any longer. For example, Latin is often referred to as a ‘dead language’ since no […]

‘El Loco’ Javier Milei becomes Argentina’s New President

By Gina Virdee The world watched intently as Javier Milei, Argentina’s new far-right President, was elected into power on 20 November 2023, having won a majority over his left-wing opponent, Sergio Massa, by 56%. Branded as “El Loco” (meaning “the crazy” in Spanish) by both supporters and critics, videos of Milei have circulated across social […]

Nostalgia: a Short Film

By Caitlin Gallagher Rattan Despite Year Eleven’s chaotic demands and frenzy of exams and expectations, students Iris Campbell and Evie Ward were able to create an incredible thought provoking and profound short-film, delving deep into the theme of ‘Nostalgia’. A chance to reminisce on our bygone days, satisfy our craves for the past, and emotional […]

Lonely young man with the light. painting illustration By Jorm Sangsorn

Loneliness, the ‘Silent Killer’

By Yara Aburaya What is loneliness? When we feel lonely, it is perceived as an involuntary separation from other people.  A lot of people tend to consider the feeling of loneliness as just another emotion, however feeling lonely can actually have a very harmful impact on us. Some may even refer to loneliness as “a […]

Suella Braverman kicked out whilst David Cameron makes a surprise return

By Sophie Robinson On Monday 13th 2023, Suella Braverman, a perhaps controversial figure within the Conservative Party was sacked as Home Secretary, and replaced by James Cleverly (who was previously the Foreign Minister). David Cameron, who has been out of office for 7 years, made a return to the cabinet, taking on James Cleverly’s role […]

UK Supreme Court Ruling: Setback On Rwanda Policy

By Rachel Hiney Conservative Party plans of enforcing the Rwanda migration scheme have been halted by the Supreme Court due to its ‘unlawful’ nature, coinciding with the decision from the Court of Appeal made in April 2023.  Ever since Rishi Sunak announced his 5 promises on the 4th of January 2023, policies to enforce stricter […]

COP 28: Do Climate Conferences Truly Limit Global Warming?

By Salma Kamar In the ongoing battle against climate change, the Conference of the Parties (COP) has emerged as a pivotal platform for nations to collectively address environmental concerns and negotiate solutions. However, the question that looms large is whether these conferences are genuinely effective in curbing the ominous threat of global warming. COP, a […]

Russian Trip to Tallinn, Estonia

Russian Trip to Tallinn, Estonia By Milly Saber On Friday 20th October, 2023, eleven students and three members of staff set off to Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, from Luton airport. We spent three days in the city, doing a range of activities which you can read all about below.  First Day: On the […]

Meet Petal – St Augustine’s New Pygmy Goat!

Meet Petal – St Augustine’s New Pygmy Goat! By Lucia McQuillan-Puccetti Pygmy goats are a very friendly small breed of goat which have become increasingly popular in the UK as pets, due to their docile and extremely sociable nature. They are considered to be quite versatile, and can be used to clear overgrown land and […]