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Brazilian Professional Footballer, Casamiro, Leaves Sunday’s Match After Being Given a Red Card

By Simar Anand

Casamiro, a Manchester United midfielder, had to leave the football match just 34 minutes later after receiving a red card. He now has the consequence of missing four games after the match on Sunday with Southampton; which did end in a draw. Anthony Taylor, the referee, did originally give the Brazilian player a yellow card. However, after being advised by VAR Andre Marriner, he changed his decision after checking the monitor.

He will now only be able to play the match in Nottingham Forest on the 15th of April in the Premier league. However, he will be able to play the match with Real Betis for the Europa league clash on Thursday, as his ban does not include European matches.  

In an interview, with the football coach Erik Ten Hag it can be seen that he was clearly unhappy with the decisions made. He criticised the inconsistency of the game being judged. He says “Well, what I think is the inconsistency (means) players don’t know any more what is the policy,” 

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