‘Love Island’ to promote sustainable fashion in latest series

By Milly Saber

‘Love Island’, which had previously been linked to the online clothes retailers ‘Missguided’ and ‘I Saw It First’, shed its fast fashion stigma in 2022, with the help of a partnership with eBay. The series has millions of views in the U.K., and provides brands with unmatched exposure during its primetime slot. The first vintage clothing partnership on television was on season 8 of ‘Love Island’. Participants wore clothing from eBay’s online second-hand marketplace as they travelled to a far away country in search of love. 

After the show aired, searches for ‘pre-loved clothing’ on eBay increased by 1,600%. 

According to new statistics from eBay, there is still a high demand for used clothing, with 49% of British customers wanting to do so in 2023. The most open to buying second-hand clothing are people aged between 18 and  34, with 74% of those in that age group intending to do so, compared to 31% of those over 55. ‘Love Island’ has once again partnered with eBay for season 9, in order to promote talks about sustainability, and urge customers to make more eco-conscious purchasing decisions.

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